Vocabulary Management Services

Free Services

Public RDF Vocabularies can be created, managed and maintained using services provided by the Open Metadata Registry (OMR) without charge. The RDF and XML generated by the OMR is not proprietary and can be freely downloaded by anyone at any time. It can only be altered by you and by users that you authorize. If you choose to register your vocabularies in the metadataregistry.info domain then we will also host both the HTML and RDF representations of your vocabulary at no charge.

Annual Hosting Contracts

We will set up one of our servers to host vocabularies in your own private domain/namespace, integrate the server with the vocabularies you are managing in the OMR, and provide uptime monitoring and ongoing server management for an annual fee, payable either monthly or annually, plus a one-time initial setup fee. The fees vary with the number of vocabularies, the size of the vocabularies, and the projected monthly bandwidth required, but are generally relatively inexpensive. Choosing to have us manage your vocabulary services ensures that your vocabulary services are setup correctly, are reliable and worry-free. At any time you may choose to not renew your contract and your data will continue to be yours and deliverable to you on request. If we ever decide to cease operations completely (never say never), we�ll provide you with ample time to move your data or take over the server yourself.

Initial Hosting Setup

If you want to serve your vocabularies from your own servers but want assistance getting things going, we can help you get your server setup done correctly and optimized for effective and correct RDF content negotiation and integration with the OMR. You can continue to manage your vocabularies in the OMR and the representations that you host on your server will be automatically synced with the OMR. There is a one-time charge for this service that varies depending on the number and size of your vocabularies and how much of the work you would like us to do.

Additional Consulting Services Available

Ontology creation and development, including extension of public vocabularies for local use. MMA has considerable experience in this area, and is willing to work with groups to organize development and maintenance processes for their projects or organizations.

Linked Data analysis and service integration, designed to match your local needs and capabilities. MMA can take the mystery out of getting started with linked data, whether you�re ready to jump in or are just starting to plan.

Heterogeneous metadata aggregation, including assistance in setting up an aggregation plan, determining what kind of process works for your organization, or helping to identify and analyze available sources of data.

Metadata management analysis and advice, including improvement strategies and transitioning traditional workflows to accommodate linked data requirements.

Metadata and business services integration, including analysis of business requirements and transition strategies, assisting in determination and development of targeted ontologies, and translation into extensible metadata profiles.