I’d hoped to get a post out before ALA Annual but here it is Monday in Chicago and it’s not done yet. But I need to note that the draft report is out for comment as of this past Monday (June 19th) and comments are due by July 19th. To access the report, go to the NISO website (NISO.org) and look for recent announcements or press releases.

There’s a lot in this report: starting with a description of the current environment for vocabulary development, the difficulties of sustainability, how funding affects the growth of tools and new vocabularies, and much more. There are a substantial number of case studies, illustrating points made in the report.

There’s more work to be done–real best practices, for instance–but that should really be the responsibility of a new group with more experience with vocabularies. As yet NISO has not determined whether to sponsor such a group, but certainly commenters of the report could suggest an opinion.

By Diane Hillmann, June 26, 2017, 2:22 pm (UTC-5)

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