The Jane-athon series is alive, well, and expanding its original vision. I wrote about the first ‘official’ Jane-athon earlier this year, after the first event at Midwinter 2015.

Since then the excitement generated at the first one has spawned others:

  • the Ag-athon in the UK in May 2015, sponsored by CILIP
  • the Maurice Dance in New Zealand (October 16, 2015 at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, focused on Maurice Gee)
  • the Jane-in (at ALA San Francisco at Annual 2015)
  • the RLS-athon (November 9, 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland), following the JSC meeting there and focused on Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Like good librarians we have an archive of the Jane-athon materials, for use by anyone who wants to look at or use the presentations or the data created at the Jane-athons

    We’re still at it: the next Jane-athon in the series will be the Boston Thing-athon at Harvard University on January 7, 2016. Looking at the list of topics gives a good idea about how the Jane-athons are morphing to a broader focus than that of a creator, while training folks to create data with RIMMF. The first three topics (which may change–watch this space) focus not on specific creators, but on moving forward on topics identified of interest to a broader community.

    * Strings vs things. A focus on replacing strings in metadata with URIs for things.
    * Institutional repositories, archives and scholarly communication. A focus on issues in relating and linking data in institutional repositories and archives with library catalogs.
    * Rare materials and RDA. A continuing discussion on the development of RDA and DCRM2 begun at the JSC meeting and the international seminar on RDA and rare materials held in November 2015.

    For beginners new to RDA and RIMMF but with an interest in creating data, we offer:
    * Digitization. A focus on how RDA relates metadata for digitized resources to the metadata for original resources, and how RIMMF can be used to improve the quality of MARC 21 records during digitization projects.
    * Undergraduate editions. A focus on issues of multiple editions that have little or no change in content vs. significant changes in content, and how RDA accommodates the different scenarios.

    Further on the horizon is a recently approved Jane-athon for the AALL conference in July 2016, focusing on Hugo Grotius (inevitably, a Hugo-athon, but there’s no link yet).

    NOTE: The Thing-a-thon coming up at ALA Midwinter is being held on Thursday rather than the traditional Friday to open the attendance to those who have other commitments on Friday. Another new wrinkle is the venue–an actual library away from the conference center! Whether you’re a cataloger or not-a-cataloger, there will be plenty of activities and discussions that should pique your interest. Do yourself a favor and register for a fun and informative day at the Thing-athon to begin your Midwinter experience!

    Instructions for registering (whether or not you plan to register for MW) can be found on the Toolkit Blog.

    By Diane Hillmann, December 7, 2015, 11:19 am (UTC-5)

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