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Why create “a separate property for every combination of tag, two indicators, and subfield”, as I mentioned in Low-hanging MARC fruit? As Karen says in her comment on Getting to higher MARC branches, in the case of the Target audience data element there is no need for the RDF properties defined for each MARC21 “resource […]

By Gordon Dunsire, April 30, 2012, 3:37 am (UTC-5)

Netting more MARC fruit discussed the use of the rdfs:subPropertyOf property to allow MARC21 data to interoperate with triples based on similar properties in element sets from other metadata schemas. We can show the procedure in action using the Target audience property described in Getting to higher MARC branches. A quick examination of the namespaces […]

By Gordon Dunsire, April 23, 2012, 4:14 pm (UTC-5)

Getting to higher MARC branches showed how the RDFS subPropertyOf property can be used to entail, or infer, RDF data triples with a broader semantic or meaning than the original, to “dumb-up” or aggregate data based on level 0 properties. Only the property or predicate part of the triple is different; the subject URI and […]

By Gordon Dunsire, April 20, 2012, 9:39 am (UTC-5)

In the previous blog I discussed Low-hanging MARC fruit in the MARC21 fixed-length data fields 006, 007, and 008. These fields also contain useful data that hangs slightly higher up, but can be reached with a short ladder. The ladder rungs are constructed using the RDF Schema subPropertyOf property. This is an ontological property which […]

By Gordon Dunsire, April 18, 2012, 9:34 am (UTC-5)